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Cowboys & Aliens II

Jeremy Mohler, who I've worked with on the shared-world fiction Internet community Baeg Tobar, invited me to write the script for the new Cowboys & Aliens Web comic. The project gave me the chance to work with artist Rick Hershey, the creator of Steampunk Musha and owner of Empty Room Studios. Daniel Harris worked as the colorist for chapter one, and Anthony Cournoyer took over sequential art and colors for chapter 2. Gene Kelly was our letterer. They were a great team to work with, and fabulous artists, all of them. It was a great first comics experience! The project was put on hiatus by the publisher, but we keep hoping they'll pick us back up.

Chapter I

Aliens have invaded the Old West, but won't stop there! Zeke, Verity, War Hawk, and their new allies must now use their Western ingenuity to battle aliens who are out gunning and out classing the rest of the world. Cowboys & Aliens II is the eagerly anticipated continuation of the original Cowboys & Aliens storyline.